Poster Art goes back to the Future

Although this isn’t web design, it is an interesting article that graphic designers might want to read.

Mad Men creates a new poster, drawn from the original…


FIRST POST for ART 335 Inter Term 2013…

Welcome to Art335, and! I’m sure that you’re both excited and trepidatious as I am. This is a rather grueling schedule we have in front of us. We will be condensing what usually takes 15 weeks, and then some, to really *get*. HTML, CSS, web design in general, is like a new language. I won’t expect you to be fluent speaker at the end, but I do hope you’ll be conversant. So before we start this marathonic endeavor, I’d like you to take a moment and read this note.

Those of you who may have had a class with me before know that I like to post material, and ideas and make them available to you through several media. Since this is a web design course, I think it’s only right that we start with the blog. And this site is going to be the active blog for the course. I will be posting assignments, interesting links, resources and such at this site during the semester. I’d like you all to check in on it at least once a week, just to make sure you’re not missing anything. Of course, we’ll also use the Blackboard system (atrocious!) to upload assignment files, and material, but this is the place where you should check in frequently. I’ll leave it open for comments as well, so you can participate, more than just cull information.

This is the first post, and the first week of this class, so no worries if you don’t comment. But please be aware that during the year I may make reference to this blog, and will expect you to be aware of it.

Attendance is a priority for this course. since every class day is equal to a normal semester week’s worth of work, if you miss a class, you miss quite a bit. So we must all be here, every day. Bring coffee, bring tea. But be here. That’s about all, and until we meet in class…Please read the following post for your first assignment.

….carry on.