About ART 335

When I started designing web pages, we had to trudge six miles through the snow, carrying syquest drives on our backs, uphill, against the wind, to deliver our designs. Hence the term Upload. We didn’t have computers, we used sharp rocks and dried mud. Yes, I’ve seen it all. Ajax? I knew Ajax when he stormed Troy. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, blah blah blah. Don’t be fooled by the geekspeak. Web Design is still Design. All the code-buzzwords and techno babbling only gets you so far. Good Design is what we want. We approach the problem of Web Design as Designers, not geeks. And even though we may have to learn a bit of the geek idiom, let’s always return to the question of Design.

In this class we’re going to explore some basic web design techniques, and hopefully translate these techniques into usable, scalable successful design solutions.

Oh, and I lied about something. It wasn’t always snowing. Sometimes there was dust and wind. Professional design is never easy.